Black Swan: Duality of Woman- Natalie Portman’s Assimilation of Shadow

The Black Swan needs Nina to unlock her sexual maturity and merge with her Shadow. After an aggressive first kiss, she lets Lily take over. Kneeling over Nina on her bed, Lily wears garters that make her look like a sexy gunslinger. Her lingerie is fetish in a masculine, gay top way, as is her energy. Lily’s confidence in displaying her well-developed Animus makes it easy for Nina to relinquish control, but this dominance triggers a hallucination.

Misery: Kathy Bates- Serial Killer

Misery: Kathy Bates- Serial Killer by Kristin Grady The “Cliffhanger” scene in Misery gives Annie a long backstory of...

Joker: Joaquin Phoenix Dancing with Himself

Joker: Joaquin Phoenix Dancing with Himself By Kristin Grady   Arthur Fleck sheds his identity like a snake’s skin or the ashes of a phoenix… Get it? Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker emerges as he...

Tusk: The Walrus and Kevin Smith

The transformation Wallace goes through is akin to obesity. Walruses are basically big bags of blubber with giant spikes on their faces. Losing his legs was like losing limbs to diabetes and general loss of mobility due to being overweight.

Tobe Hooper and TCM: A Low Budget Masterpiece

How Tobe Hooper Turned The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Into a Classic We uncover the special brilliance and low budget ingenuity of Tobe Hooper in our Anatomy of Horror series. Only one man, Hooper,...

Mulholland Drive: The Consequences of Gay Silence

The singer’s performance was intensely emotional, beautiful, and heartbreaking, it seemed so real. Rita and Betty exchanged a tearful glance that spoke without words. Any romance between them was part of the show, just an illusion, no matter how real it seemed.