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Ringu vs. The Ring: The Culture Cycle

Before you die, you see the ring. The chilling concept of a lethal film has universal appeal because of cinema�s profound effect on our psychology. American remakes of Japanese horror films became popular in the early 2000�s after the release of The Ring (2002), based on the 1998 independent film Ringu. Kansei Engineering is a Japanese method of technological development which requires a product to appeal not only to the reason of the buyer, but to their senses as well. Born (perhaps unconsciously) from this concept, a VHS tape can record family-oriented home videos or the hideous visions of a deranged psychic child. The constant evolution of Japanese technology reflects the cyclical nature of the cursed video tape, which must be passed on like a deadly chain letter.

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It Follows: Water and David Robert Mitchell

It Follows: Water and David Robert Mitchell by Sean M. Sanford The ambiance of It Follows is apt to snag one�s attention right off, wherein no detail seems without purpose. David Robert Mitchell, has been apt to say that translating his own symbolism would be an injustice to the theories...

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Evolution of the Living Dead

�Brains!� You probably remember this quote from Night of the Living Dead (1968), growled by a hungry zombie. Well, none of the zombies in that film spoke, nor were they called �zombies�. That word isn�t used even once in what�s considered the most famous zombie movie of all time.

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