New Episodes: Anatomy of Horror

Episode 6: It Follows

In his masterful debut film, director David Robert Mitchell creates a visually stunning film unlike any other. With too much symblism to mine, we focus on a series of motifs that represent a time in one’s life that exists between childhood and adulthood.

Episode 7: The Witch

Robert Eggers’ debut film is an absolute masterpiece. Few directors achieve in their careers what Eggers has accomplished in his first try in what has already become a horror classic. Seeped in rich symbolism and exquisite production design, we carefully analyze, shot by shot, an incredibly powerful opening scene.

Episode 8: The Void

Putting both Jeremy Gillepsie and Steven Kostanski on every horror buff’s radar, these two craft a wonderful cosmic, practical effects throwback horror film that harkens us back to masters like John Carpenter, Clive Barker and Stuart Gordon. We carefully examine the symbolism and shot rythym used in the film to create this special gem.

Episode 9: Raw

Julia Ducournau’s debut film is an instant body horror classic. It’s a masterpiece. Like Robert Eggers, Ducournau shows a skill that rivals some of the most gifted filmmakers of any generation. We dive deep into the symbolism and shot selection used to create a world that forces women to dampen their brilliance in order placate the male ego. 

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